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noggin big band

February 13, 2008


the long lost noggin big band CD will be out this summer!

track up on cedarville archive: the problem of leaking condominiums has reached epic proportions  


artistery, portland

February 10, 2008

I’m sorry I missed you all… my failure to plan for bad Friday night traffic.  Hope to see you in future. Below is Eric’s account of the night.


The show was a great experience for everyone.  Arrington, Paul Hoskin and Kelvin Pittman opened with a horn trio.  Then there was a trio of Kelvin, Mark Kaylor, and this guy on amplified standup bass named Gregg Skloff that I had never met before who handed me a CD he titled “Threnody for Michael Griffen.”  Apparently he had seen us many times in Olympia.  Gabe from Yellow Swans did a piece which he opened with a monologue – which was actually sweet and should have been recorded, and also got people comfy with talking later.  I get fuzzy on the exacts of what followed from there, but Lars’ group played and Doug Theriault played.  Alex, from “keep your eyes peeled” played.  At some point I showed films by Danielle, Tyson, me and Terry, which were all well received and gave people another perspective on Michael.  Then there was a big jam with just about everyone that somehow didn’t go on way too long, and also had everyone end together!  Then Corey and I did the live soundtrack with amplified guitar and violin to Terry and Michael’s burned slides.  This went over really well – and even made me feel the way I felt when noggin played in the beginning with my ears being blistered and all sweaty crazy and all that stuff… and I think Corey and I will do it much more in the future.