artistery, portland


I’m sorry I missed you all… my failure to plan for bad Friday night traffic.  Hope to see you in future. Below is Eric’s account of the night.


The show was a great experience for everyone.  Arrington, Paul Hoskin and Kelvin Pittman opened with a horn trio.  Then there was a trio of Kelvin, Mark Kaylor, and this guy on amplified standup bass named Gregg Skloff that I had never met before who handed me a CD he titled “Threnody for Michael Griffen.”  Apparently he had seen us many times in Olympia.  Gabe from Yellow Swans did a piece which he opened with a monologue – which was actually sweet and should have been recorded, and also got people comfy with talking later.  I get fuzzy on the exacts of what followed from there, but Lars’ group played and Doug Theriault played.  Alex, from “keep your eyes peeled” played.  At some point I showed films by Danielle, Tyson, me and Terry, which were all well received and gave people another perspective on Michael.  Then there was a big jam with just about everyone that somehow didn’t go on way too long, and also had everyone end together!  Then Corey and I did the live soundtrack with amplified guitar and violin to Terry and Michael’s burned slides.  This went over really well – and even made me feel the way I felt when noggin played in the beginning with my ears being blistered and all sweaty crazy and all that stuff… and I think Corey and I will do it much more in the future.



2 Responses to “artistery, portland”

  1. Aerick Duckhugger Says:

    I really wish I could have been there. I definitely want to make it to either the Seattle or Bellingham memorials… maybe both. Hope TBA becomes set dates soon.

    Also, we definitely need to give plenty of opportunities to remember Michael at this year’s Experimental Music Festival! It’s been so hard not seeing him around at the fest these past years like I always used to. Even harder now that I know I’ll never seem him around there or anywhere again. Still, I think his memory and inspiration will linger through so many things… most certainly!!

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