gathered thoughts

eventually we will compile excerpts here of what you all have written…  for now, follow the links on “gathering thoughts,” & share your links on the comments to that post.  share your thoughts “directly” on the comments to this page.


4 Responses to “gathered thoughts”

  1. Gary Lorentzen Says:

    One of Michael’s paintings hangs on the wall above my computer area. I bought it sometime in the 70s–thirty some years ago–so I don’t remember when and, now that I think about it, I don’t even remember what it’s titled. It has been a visual part of my life since then, though, always hanging prominently someplace in my home. Right now I notice it’s hanging somewhat askew and crooked–never noticed that before. I’ll have to straighten it.

    Over the years Michael’s painting has become ‘background’ to my everyday life. By that, I don’t mean to say uninspiring or no longer interesting, but rather it is fully integrated into the totality of my visual life inside my home. I may not pay much attention to it minunte by minute or day by day, but if it weren’t there I would instantly sense the void.

    I feel that way a little about Michael himself. I first met him in 1972 and he has been a part of my life, albeit somewhat existentially removed in Cedarville, ever since. Now that he’s gone, I sense the void that remains.

    So, I’ll set the painting right, just in case it might have some reverberation in the afterlife, as a way to say to Michael, fare well and may you get right with the universe as best you can–lead the way for the rest of us to join you when it’s our time.

    Portland OR

  2. craig VanSant Says:

    I met Michael 35 years ago. He was living in Mukilteo then and working very hard at becoming an unknown artist. He was there at a time when Mukilteo,WA. was a great place to be a poor artist. There were three other artists there at that time as well, Wayne Bellinger and Jerry Brusberger. I was stationed at the USCG LIghthouse then. We used to hang out at Taylor’s landing and drink mass coffee and ramble on about everything, anything. One of our running dialogs was the premiss that the world’s greatest artist is probably living in a chicken coup in Idaho. I think that made us feel gratefull for what we had. Mike lived at what was called the Saratoga apartments on Front St.. He also had a small un-heated studio up the hill in what was the first telephone company building in the area. It was just big enough to hold some privacy and his work. Mike had so much work,just sitting around, I talked him into letting me hang a few in my house. They were a very interesting concept that was based on mathematical equations. The vectors of the equation represented by pure color, becoming elipses as seen from from a relative point. These colors emitting from these points, interesected at mathematically determined points to became new colors. The series was called Windouga which means Wind Eye or window. This was a very serious concept. The actual high math taken from a book of such high zoot concepts that only the authour and Michael had any idea what it was about or good for. What ever the motivation, Mike spent way too many hours laying layer, after layer, of very thin color as too insure the perfection of the piece was as perfect as the math itself. It was damn intersting – I bought 2 big ones 66′ x 66″.
    I still have them. He will not be forgotten, never unknown.
    Did you know he played the fiddle? (HA, HA)
    Craig VanSant

  3. wordisafourletter Says:

    Hey, thanks Craig! Did you know- the fiddle he got from Jerry Brusberg was the violin he started noggin with. It later became the acoustic noggin/artie smudges trio violin.

  4. Joe Brusberg Says:

    If craig happens to see this post, I am Jerry Brusberg’s son. Craig sold me the famous Bongo Fury volkswagon bug! Anyway, that violin used to belong to my paternal grandfather, I’m pretty sure. Craig, if you see this drop me an email at
    God Bless
    Joe Brusberg

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